Andrei Mihaila

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A parallel arrangement of a silicon (Si) IGBT and a silicon carbide (SiC) MOSFET is experimentally demonstrated. The concept referred to as the cross-switch (XS) hybrid aims to reach optimum power device performance by providing low static and dynamic losses while improving the overall electrical and thermal properties due to the combination of both the(More)
In this paper, we present for the first time, the experimental results of a “Bimode Cross Switch (BXS)-Hybrid” built with 3.3kV Silicon Enhanced Trench Bi-mode IGBTs (Si-ET-BIGT) and Silicon Carbide MOSFETs (SiC-MOSFET). Also, we have compared the static (on-state) and dynamic (switching) characteristics of the 3.3kV BXS-Hybrid (1 ×(More)
In this work we present the simulation and experimental results of the “Cross Switch (XS)-Hybrid” built with 3.3kV Si-IGBTs and SiC-MOSFETs. We have analyzed the switching performance, mainly the turn-off behavior of the XS-Hybrid (a parallel arrangement of a Si-IGBT and a SiC-MOSFET) with the aid of Sentaurus TCAD device simulations. We(More)
A new process based on Boron diffusion step to improve the SiO<sub>2</sub>/SiC interface quality is presented in this work. Surprisingly, Boron, a p-type dopant and small size atom, generates similar apparent improvements as previous oxide treatments based on large size atoms, n-type or deep levels dopants. This process has been applied to a thermal oxide(More)
Several edge termination structures for high voltage 4H-SiC devices compatible with a planar MOSFET fabrication process are analyzed in this paper. The edge terminations' efficiency has been analyzed on PiN diodes with breakdown voltage capabilities ranging from 2-5kV fabricated with full MOSFET process. Different edge terminations consisting in JTEs and(More)
A unique and novel, 60 &#x03BC;m deep trench and refill process for manufacturing Si-based Super-Junction device structures for high-voltage applications beyond 600 V is discussed on the following pages. We combine an etching-process with a DCS-HCl epitaxial growth method to achieve a homogenous refilling of the generated deep-trench structures with(More)
SiC planar VDMOS of three voltages ratings (1.7 kV, 3.3 kV and 4.5 kV) have been fabricated using a Boron diffusion process into the thermal gate oxide for improving the SiO<inf>2</inf>/SiC interface quality. Experimental results show a remarkable increase of the effective channel mobility which increases the device current capability, especially at room(More)
A new process technology for 4H-SiC planar power MOSFETs based on a boron diffusion step to improve the SiO<sub>2 </sub>/silicon carbide interface quality is presented in this paper. Large area (up to 25&#x00A0;mm<sup>2</sup>) power MOSFETs of three voltages ratings (1.7, 3.3, and 4.5&#x00A0;kV) have been fabricated showing significant improvements in terms(More)
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