Andrei M. Shkel

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This paper presents a z-axis MEMS tuning fork rate gyroscope with multi-degree of freedom (DOF) sense modes designed to provide structural robustness to environmental drifts. This concept combines the temperature robustness of multiDOF sense modes with the common mode rejection capabilities of tuning fork architectures. The device consists of an antiphase(More)
We report vacuum packaging procedures for low-stress die attachment and versatile hermetic sealing of resonant MEMS. The developed in-house infrastructure allows for both high and moderate-level vacuum packaging addressing the requirements of various applications. Prototypes of 100 μm silicon-on-insulator Quadruple Mass Gyroscopes (QMGs) were packaged using(More)
|The existing approaches to sensor-based motion planning tend to deal solely with kinematic and geometric issues, and ignore the system dynamics. This work attempts to incorporate body dynamics into the paradigm of sensor-based motion planning. We consider the case of a mass point robot operating in a planar environment with unknown arbitrary stationary(More)
We report, for the first time, experimental demonstration of a 3-D spherical shell resonator microelectromechanical systems gyroscope fabricated using wafer-scale glassblowing. The gyroscope utilizes a 1-mm-diameter 10-μm-thick spherical isotropic shell surrounded by eight cofabricated satellite spheres serving as actuation and detection electrodes. To(More)
Given two points in a plane, each with a prescribed direction of motion in it, the question being asked is to find the shortest smooth path of bounded curvature that joins them. The classical 1957 result by Dubins gives a sufficient set of paths (each consisting of circular arcs and straight line segments) which always contains the shortest path. The latter(More)
This paper presents a functional architecture, system level design, and electronic evaluation of a unilateral vestibular prosthesis. The sensing unit of the prosthesis is a custom-designed one-axis micro-electromechanical system (MEMS) gyroscope. Similar to the natural semicircular canal, the MEMS gyroscope senses angular motion of the head and generates(More)