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The co-authors of this paper are listed in alphabetical order. This paper presents a conceptual framework to define seismic resilience of communities and quantitative measures of resilience that can be useful for a coordinated research effort focusing on enhancing this resilience. This framework relies on the complementary measures of resilience: ''Reduced(More)
In base-isolated structures specially designed isolation systems provide the needed flexibility and energy dissipation capacity. The isolation systems, which can be either elastomeric or sliding systems, exhibit highly nonlinear behavior. The existing algorithms cannot analyze base-isolated structures with sliding isolation systems accurately. This paper(More)
The development and implementation of a novel structural testing method involving the combined use of shake tables, actuators, and computational engines for the seismic simulation of structures is presented herein. The hybrid simulation is intended to discover through physical testing the behavior of parts or whole substructure assemblies for which(More)
SUMMARY A new approach to dynamic force control of mechanical systems, applicable in particular to frame structures, over frequency ranges spanning their resonant frequencies is presented. This approach is implemented using added compliance and displacement compensation. Hydraulic actuators are inherently velocity sources, that is, an electrical signal(More)
This paper presents a new approach to dynamic force control of mechanical systems, in particular frame structures, over frequency ranges spanning their resonant frequencies. This is achieved using series elasticity and displacement compensation. Most mechanical actuation systems such as hydraulic and electromagnetic actuators are inherently velocity(More)
An approach for assessing the global seismic fragility of inelastic structures is presented. The fragility is obtained from the distribution of structural response, which is evaluated from response spectra with an associated probability distribution, compared with the performance limits states. Formulas that provide the probability distribution of spectral(More)
Keywords: Electrical post insulators Hollow-core composite insulator Cyclic test Experimental test Analytical model Dynamic behavior a b s t r a c t Electrical post insulators are important components of electrical substations since any type of failure in such insulators leads to the breakdown of the local network. Although the electrical substations are(More)