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De Sitter vacua in string theory
We outline the construction of metastable de Sitter vacua of type IIB string theory. Our starting point is highly warped IIB compactifications with nontrivial NS and RR three-form fluxes. ByExpand
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Particle Physics and Inflationary Cosmology
With the invention of unified theories of strong, weak, electromagnetic and gravitational interactions, elementaryparticle physics has entered a very interesting and unusual stage of its development.Expand
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Towards inflation in string theory
We investigate the embedding of brane inflation into stable compactifications of string theory. At first sight a warped compactification geometry seems to produce a naturally flat inflaton potential,Expand
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Towards the theory of reheating after inflation
Reheating after inflation occurs due to particle production by the oscillating inflaton field. In this paper we describe the perturbative approach to reheating, and then concentrate on effects beyondExpand
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A new inflationary universe scenario: A possible solution of the horizon
In order to map the power distribution of a nuclear fuel element, a passive detector is laid along the fuel element in situ to record the residual radiation of the fuel element. The detectorExpand
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CMBPol Mission Concept Study Probing Ination with CMB Polarization
We summarize the utility of precise cosmic microwave background (CMB) polarization measurements as probes of the physics of ination. We focus on the prospects for using CMB measurements
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Superconformal inflationary α-attractors
A bstractRecently a broad class of superconformal inflationary models was found leading to a universal observational prediction $ {n_s}=1-\frac{2}{N} $ and $ r=\frac{12 }{{{N^2}}} $ [1, 2]. Here weExpand
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Structure of resonance in preheating after inflation
We consider preheating in the theory $1/4 \lambda \phi^4 + 1/2 g^2\phi^2\chi^2 $, where the classical oscillating inflaton field $\phi$ decays into $\chi$-particles and $\phi$-particles. TheExpand
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Universality class in conformal inflation
We develop a new class of chaotic inflation models with spontaneously broken conformal invariance. Observational consequences of a broad class of such models are stable with respect to strongExpand
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The inflationary Universe
According to the inflationary Universe scenario the Universe in the very early stages of its evolution was exponentially expanding in the unstable vacuumlike state. At the end of the exponentialExpand
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