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We address the compiler correctness problem for many-core systems through novel applications of fuzz testing to OpenCL compilers. Focusing on two methods from prior work, random differential testing and testing via equivalence modulo inputs (EMI), we present several strategies for random generation of deterministic, communicating OpenCL kernels, and an(More)
We consider the problem of conducting large experimental campaigns in programming languages research. Most research efforts require a certain level of bookkeeping of results. This is manageable via quick, on-the-fly infrastructure implementations. However, it becomes a problem for large-scale testing initiatives , especially as the needs of the project(More)
We report on an extension to the C-Reduce tool, for automatic reduction of C test cases, to handle OpenCL kernels. This enables an automated method for detecting bugs in OpenCL compilers, by generating large random kernels using the CLsmith generator, identifying kernels that yield result differences across OpenCL platforms and optimisation levels, and(More)
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