Andrei Kirilyuk

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Globalised-civilisation interaction intensity grows exponentially, involving all dimensions and regions of planetary environment. The resulting dynamics of critically high, exploding complexity urgently needs consistent understanding and efficient management. The new, provably universal concept of unreduced dynamic complexity of real interaction processes(More)
Here we follow, both experimentally and theoretically, the development of magnetism in Tb clusters from the atomic limit, adding one atom at a time. The exchange interaction is, surprisingly, observed to drastically increase compared to that of bulk, and to exhibit irregular oscillations as a function of the interatomic distance. From electronic structure(More)
Dynamics of arbitrary communication and software system is analysed as unre-duced interaction process. The applied generalised, universally nonperturbative method of effective potential reveals the phenomenon of dynamic multivalued-ness of competing system configurations forced to permanently replace each other in a dynamically random order, which leads to(More)
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