Andrei J. Petrescu

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We have generated a database of 639 glycosidic linkage structures by an exhaustive survey of the available crystallographic data for isolated oligosaccharides, glycoproteins, and glycan-binding proteins. For isolated oligosaccharides there is relatively little crystallographic data available. A much larger number of glycoprotein and glycan-binding protein(More)
During V(D)J recombination, recombination activating gene proteins RAG1 and RAG2 generate DNA double strand breaks within a paired complex (PC) containing two complementary recombination signal sequences (RSSs), the 12RSS and 23RSS, which differ in the length of the spacer separating heptamer and nonamer elements. Despite the central role of the PC in V(D)J(More)
V(D)J recombination is initiated by RAG1 and RAG2, which together with HMGB1 bind to a recombination signal sequence (12RSS or 23RSS) to form the signal complex (SC) and then capture a complementary partner RSS, yielding the paired complex (PC). Little is known regarding the structural changes that accompany the SC to PC transition or the structural(More)
Session title: epidemiology, subtypes, regional issues O1 HIV-1 diversity in Bulgaria (current molecular epidemiological picture) Objectives In Bulgaria 1606 cases with HIV/AIDS were diagnosed from 1986 until 2012. Epidemiological data indicated greater heterogeneity of HIV-1 positive population, including minority groups, migrants, and recent increase of(More)
1 Caracteristicile specifice: a) tipul neliniarităţii, b) proprietăţile dispersive ale mediului de propagare, c) caracteristicile de coerenţă ale pulsurilor, d) ecuaţiile de propagare, e) modalităţile de întreţinere, f) aplicaţiile tehnice, etc. au fost analizate atât pentru principalele tipuri de solitoni optici [spre ex. solitonii Schrödinger neliniar:(More)
The demyelinating lesion in MS being characterised by an evolutive polymorphism, led to different opinions about the identification of the hypercellularity. The present work deals with data concerning the abundance and the early appearance of macrophages (M) within the lesion, studied with lipid histochemistry methods. The disposition of 3 various types of(More)
The present paper refers to the activity of some enzymes associated with the cellular cytomembranes in the plasma and brain of guinea pigs exposed to the action of repeated +10Gz acceleration. Immediately after the last run, diminution of enzymatic activity in the brain supernate ran parralel to a rise in plasma enzymatic activity. Variations in enzymatic(More)
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