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Seizure-induced release of the neuromodulator adenosine is a potent endogenous anticonvulsant mechanism, which limits the extension of seizures and mediates seizure arrest. For this reason several adenosine-based therapies for epilepsy are currently under development. However, it is not known how adenosine modulates GABAergic transmission in the context of(More)
GABAB receptors are G-protein-coupled receptors that mediate inhibitory synaptic actions through a series of downstream target proteins. It is increasingly appreciated that the GABAB receptor forms part of larger signaling complexes, which enable the receptor to mediate multiple different effects within neurons. Here we report that GABAB receptors can(More)
The layer-by-layer building methodology used within the powder bed process of Selective Laser Melting facilitates control over the degree of melting achieved at every layer. This control can be used to manipulate levels of porosity within each layer, effecting resultant mechanical properties. If specifically controlled, it has the potential to enable(More)
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