Andrei I Savchenko

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The proposed cleistanthol biosynthetic intermediate en route to spruceanol, and other related family members, was isolated for the first time from Croton insularis, confirming the Jacobs-Reynolds hypothesis. Anticancer evaluation of the new isolates and their aerial oxidation products is also reported.
Bioptic material of the cerebral cortex was studied by electron microscopy in 9 patients with brain tumors and a different degree of the hypertension syndrome. The predominance of cell swelling and marked intracellular redistribution of fluid were demonstrated. Intercellular edema appears with the increase in the severity of the hypertension syndrome. The(More)
EBC-162 isolated from Croton insularis, obtained from the northern rainforest of Australia, was structurally affirmed as crotofolin C (4). Novel oxidative degradation products, EBC-233 and EBC-300, which are the first crotofolane endoperoxides, were also isolated. Both endoperoxides were found to be stable intermediates, which are proposed to undergo an(More)
A case study of an acute tuberculous bronchiolitis (a rarely encountered form of generalized miliary tuberculosis), whose aggravated progressing resulted in fatal outcome 2 months after the onset of the initial disease signs, is described. The prevalence of non-specific infectious-and-allergic manifestations is a clinical-and-morphological peculiarity(More)
Thirty-three different N,N-dialkyl- and N-alkyl-N-phosphorylalkyl-substituted carboxamides 9-17 were treated with unsubstituted as well as with 2-alkyl-, 2,2-dialkyl-, and 3-alkenyl-substituted ethylmagnesium bromides 6 in the presence of stoichiometric amounts of titanium tetraisopropoxide or methyltitanium triisopropoxide to furnish substituted(More)
The Eremophila plant family, which occurs in the arid zones of Australia, have witnessed extensive investigation, mostly inspired by Aboriginal traditional medicine. A wide and varied biological and phytochemical profile has been reported for over 18 individual species of Australian Eremophila, although E. macdonnellii from the Simpson Desert has not yet(More)
Investigation of the Australian rainforest plant Croton insularis led to isolation of the first casbane hydroperoxide diterpenes EBC-304 and EBC-320. Extensive DFT and electronic circular dichroism (ECD) calculations in combination with 2D NMR spectroscopy determined the absolute configurations. EBC-304 and EBC-320 both display significant cytotoxicity.
Using a complex of ultrasonic methods, vertebral basilar system hemodynamics has been evaluated in normal state and in case of vertebral basilar insufficiency (VBI). The differential diagnostic criteria of atherosclerotic and vertebrogenic types of VBI development have been obtained that enables to individualize the therapeutic approaches.
Dibenzylformamide was treated with cyclohexylmagnesium bromide in the presence of either titanium tetraisopropoxide or methyltitanium triisopropoxide and a variety of cyclic and acyclic alkenes and alkadienes to give new mono- and disubstituted as well as bicyclic dialkylcyclopropylamines (Tables 1-3) in yields ranging from 18 to 90 % (in most cases around(More)
Ninety-nine patients with encephalopathy developed in the remote period after acute lesions of cerebral blood circulation, brain traumas and cerebral gliomas surgery have been studied. Phenotropil was used in a dosage of 200 mg per day during one month. A CT survey revealed that in a stable state of brain changes phenotropil exerted the mostly pronounced(More)