Andrei I. Purica

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Multiview video plus depths formats use view synthesis to build intermediate views from existing adjacent views at the receiver side. Traditional view synthesis exploits the disparity information to interpolate an intermediate view by taking into account inter-view correlations. However, temporal correlation between different frames of the intermediate view(More)
View synthesis received increasing attention over the last years, as it offers a wide range of practical applications like Free Viewpoint Television, 3D video, video gaming, etc. The main issues in view synthesis are the filling of disoccluded areas and the warping of real views. In this paper we propose a new hole filling method, it uses temporal(More)
The demand for 3D content has increased over the last years as 3D displays are now widespread. View synthesis methods, such as depth-image-based-rendering, provide an efficient tool in 3D content creation or transmission, and are integrated in coding solutions for multiview video content such as 3D-HEVC. In this paper, we propose a view synthesis method(More)
Infrastructure surveillance is an important requirement for many companies. With the advancement of technology, drones can now provide an efficient tool for such applications. A possible future scenario is the automated surveillance of railroads. Whereas numerous algorithms that provide railroad detection exist, they have mainly focused either on satellite(More)
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