Andrei Fluerasu

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Coherent X-ray scattering is an emerging technique for measuring structure at the nanoscale. Data management and analysis is becoming a bottleneck in this technique. We present an unsupervised method which can sort and cluster the scattering snapshots, uncovering patterns inherent in the data. Our algorithm operates without resorting to templates, specific(More)
The Vertically Integrated Photon Imaging Chip (VIPIC) was custom-designed for X-ray photon correlation spectroscopy, an application in which occupancy per pixel is low but high time resolution is needed. VIPIC operates in a sparsified streaming mode in which each detected photon is immediately read out as a time- and position-stamped event. This event(More)
A set of new data analysis software tools have been developed for the study of structural dynamics of materials using coherent scattering and photon correlation techniques. The new software tools can readily process high-throughput, multidimensional data, enabling studies of slow and fast dynamics of materials using X-ray Speckle Visibility Spectroscopy and(More)
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