Andrei E. Nesterov

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A synthetic chimeric gene, TBI-HBS, encoding the immunogenic ENV and GAG epitopes of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV-1) and the surface protein antigen (HBsAg) of hepatitis B virus (HBV), was expressed in tomato plants. Tomato fruits containing the TBI-HBS antigen were fed to experimental mice and, on days 14 and 28 post-feeding, high levels of HIV- and(More)
The possibility of emergency prophylaxis of Marburg hemorrhagic fever with leukocytic and recombinant interferons was studied in experiments on Cercopithecus aethiops. None of the agents protected monkeys from the action of lethal doses of Marburg virus. Recombinant interferon-α2administered according to the emergency prophylaxis schedule prolonged the mean(More)
To study specific properties of the human gamma-interferon (gamma-IFN) receptor-like proteins of the highly virulent and low virulent strains of variola (smallpox) virus (VAR) recombinant plasmids determining synthesis of these proteins in E. coli cells have been constructed. The recombinant viral gamma-IFN receptor-like proteins have been found to have(More)
Viruses of the genus Orthopoxvirus (family Poxviridae) are dangerous pathogens of humans and animals. During evolution, these viruses have developed various mechanisms of bypassing early nonspecific defense responses of the host organism to viral infection. Representatives of this genus of viruses determine biosynthesis of viroreceptors. Viroreceptors are(More)
Mucous membranes (tunica mucosa) of digestive, respiratory, and urogenital systems are the sites of penetration and colonization by many pathogens. The defensive functions of these membranes are largely ensured by the presence in them of numerous immunocompetent cells, including Tand B-lymphocytes. These cells are the major components of the immune system(More)
Wistar rats with collagen-induced arthritis were intramuscularly injected with the recombinant plasmid pcDNA/sTNF-BD encoding the sequence of the TNF-binding protein domain of variola virus CrmB protein (VARV sTNF-BD) or the pcDNA3.1 vector. Quantitative analysis showed that the histopathological changes in the hind-limb joints of rats were most severe in(More)
The authors have obtained several variants of liposomal forms of human alpha 2-interferon. The forms intended to preserve antiviral activity with regard to the methods of liposomal formation were comparatively studied. It has been found that liposomal formation through stirring caused no decrease in antiviral activity.
Studies of the primary cultures of granulocytes, mononuclear, and monocyte-macrophage cells derived from human blood were performed using variola virus (VARV) in the doses of 0.001-0.021 PFU/cell (plaques-forming units per cell). Positive dynamics of the virus accumulation was observed only in the monocyte-macrophages with maximum values of virus(More)
AIM Monitoring of post-vaccinal complications in children immunized with a parotitis vaccine. MATERIALS AND METHODS Observation of 198 945 children, immunized with 16 lots of parotitis vaccine with Leningrad-3 strain (L-3), was carried out for 3 years. Paired samples of sera and saliva were obtained from children, in whom adverse events were registered(More)