Andrei-Dumitru Oancea

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Multicellular tumor spheroids embedded in a matrix represent invaluable tools to analyze cell invasion. Spheroid sizes and invasiveness are the main observables easily measurable to evaluate effects of biological or pharmaceutical manipulations on invasion. They largely account for these 3-D platforms variability, leading to flaws in data interpretation. No(More)
Multicellular tumor spheroids (MCTSs) embedded in a matrix are re-emerging as a powerful alternative to monolayer-based cultures. The primary information gained from a three-dimensional model is the invasiveness of treatment-exposed MCTSs through the acquisition of light microscopy images. The amount and complexity of the acquired data and the bias arisen(More)
Since 2007 our contribution focused the Silicon Tracker's FEE (Front End Electronic), consisting of the nXYTER, an ADC (Analog Digital Converter) and a ROC (Read Out Controller). Since 2009 we are also designing and implementing readout logic for the GET4 chip [1] and the TRD FEE. To keep the re-usability as high as possible, we split the ROC into two fully(More)
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