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Replication of state is the fundamental approach to achieve scalability and availability. In order to maintain or restore replica consistency under updates, some form of synchronization is needed. Conflict-free Replicated Data Types (CRDTs) ensure eventual consistency, such that replicas converge to a common state, equivalent to a correct sequential(More)
Given the existing heterogeneous processor landscape dominated by CPUs and GPUs, topics such as programming productivity and performance portability have become increasingly important. In this context, an important question refers to how can we develop optimization strategies that cover both CPUs and GPUs. We answer this for fastsg, a library that provides(More)
Sympathetic nervous system and adrenergic receptors are involved in the modulation of dorsal root ganglia neuronal activity, with TRPV1 receptor as an important downstream effector. It is already known that adrenergic sensitization of TRPV1 receptors or catecholamine-induced TRPV1 upregulation are involved in increased excitability and pain via mainly α1(More)
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