Andrei David

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Studying the metabolism of drotaverin (No-Spa¿), we have elaborated a method for the isolation, purification and separation of metabolites and of drotaverin excreted in unchanged form in the urine and feces. The structure of the chief metabolites was cleared by t.l.c., polarography, UV spectrophotometry, and mass spectrometry. It was stated that beside(More)
A procedure for microgranulation is described (cf. [7]) which is based on the use of formaldehyde-treated gelatin. The drug (Drotaverin: No-Spa) contained in the matrix is released, dependently of the formaldehyde concentration in the matrix, at a predetermined rate. The release (first-order kinetics) is rapid at low formaldehyde concentrations, and slower(More)
In case of Thiocarlidum (1) the thermoanalytical examination showed an endothermic transformation without loss of weight. This occured in samples recrystallized from cold polar solvents and the transformation proved to be non-reversible. The UV and IR spectra of the two samples differed characteristically and X-ray studies showed that the two modifications(More)
Many experts consider drug analysis exclusively as a chemical measuring technique. In the pharmaceutical industry, physical and physico-chemical parameters form an integrated part of the quality specification, because they play an essential role both in quality assurance and in the technical and economic aspects of production on the commercial scale. Such(More)