Andrei Costin

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In this paper we investigate (in)security aspects of Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) protocol. ADS-B is intended to be widely deployed in Air Traffic Management (ATM) Surveillance systems by 2020. One of the goals of ADS-B is to increase safety of air traffic. While the security of ADS-B was previously questioned, in this paper we(More)
As embedded systems are more than ever present in our society, their security is becoming an increasingly important issue. However, based on the results of many recent analyses of individual firmware images, embedded systems acquired a reputation of being insecure. Despite these facts, we still lack a global understanding of embedded systems’ security as(More)
Nigerian scam is a popular form of fraud in which the fraudster tricks the victim into paying a certain amount of money under the promise of a future, larger payoff. Using a public dataset, in this paper we study how these forms of scam campaigns are organized and evolve over time. In particular, we discuss the role of phone numbers as important identifiers(More)
Video surveillance, closed-circuit TV and IP-camera systems became virtually omnipresent and indispensable for many organizations, businesses, and users. Their main purpose is to provide physical security, increase safety, and prevent crime. They also became increasingly complex, comprising many communication means, embedded hardware and non-trivial(More)
Embedded devices are becoming more widespread, interconnected, and web-enabled than ever. However, recent studies showed that embedded devices are far from being secure. Moreover, many embedded systems rely on web interfaces for user interaction or administration. Web security is still difficult and therefore the web interfaces of embedded systems represent(More)
Embedded devices have become the usual presence in the network of (m)any household(s), SOHO, enterprise or critical infrastructure. The preached Internet of Things promises to gazillionuple their number and heterogeneity in the next few years. However, embedded devices are becoming lately the usual suspects in security breaches and security advisories and(More)
Internet and telephones are part of everyone's modern life. Unfortunately, several criminal activities also rely on these technologies to reach their victims. While the use and importance of the Internet has been largely studied, previous work overlooked the role that phone numbers can play in understanding online threats. In this work we aim at determining(More)
Fireworks are used around the world to salute popular events such as festivals, weddings, and public or private celebrations. Besides their entertaining effects fireworks are essentially colored explosives which are sometimes directly used as weapons. Modern fireworks systems heavily rely on `wireless pyrotechnic firing systems'. Those `embedded(More)
Monitoring of the high-performance computing systems and their components, such as clusters, grids and federations of clusters, is performed using monitoring systems for servers and networks, or Network Monitoring Systems (NMS). These monitoring tools assist system administrators in assessing and improving the health of their infrastructure. A successful(More)
Embedded systems, as opposed to traditional computers, bring an incredible diversity. The number of devices manufactured is constantly increasing and each has a dedicated software, commonly known as firmware. Full firmware images are often delivered as multiple releases, correcting bugs and vulnerabilities, or adding new features. Unfortunately, there is no(More)