Andrei Corbu

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OBJECTIVE The treatment of slipped capital femoral epiphysis (SCFE) is evolving, with the development of new surgical techniques. |We wanted to study if modified Dunn procedure restores the normal alignment of the proximal femur and the risk of avascular necrosis is increased. METHODS This is a single centre, retrospective study, comparing the outcomes of(More)
Substituted benzoannulated spiroacetals were prepared from (2-haloaryl)alkyl alcohols and dihydropyranyl or dihydrofuranyl pinacol boronates using a Suzuki-Miyaura coupling followed by an acid-catalyzed spirocyclization. Application of the reaction to a glycal boronate provides an approach to annulated spiroacetals in enantiopure form.
A stereoselective synthesis of heavily functionalized six-membered ring subunits, which possess functionality at sites appropriate for further elaboration, is described. The cyclopentanone moiety of hydrindenediol is required to achieve total facial selectivity during the pre-domino installation of the second quaternary center, while oxidative cleavage is(More)
By capitalizing on a highly selective Claisen rearrangement, ent-galbanic acid 1 and (+)-marneral 2 have been synthesized. The relative configurations of (+)- 1 and (+)- 2 were unambiguously established by X-ray crystallographic analysis of the precursors 11a and 20, with the absolute configuration ensuing from their derivation from R-pulegone. In this way,(More)
The monocyclic triterpene iridal 1 (parent molecule) is synthesized by an approach that allows access for several representatives of the iridal family as well as diversely substituted analogues. The success of the proposed synthetic plan depends upon the effortless stereoselective establishment of the trans C10/C11 dimethyl relationship in B-ring moiety 7(More)
Polysubstituted 2-(ω-hydroxyalkyl)furans were prepared by tandem Suzuki-Miyaura coupling/acid-catalyzed cyclization starting from appropriately substituted 3-haloallylic alcohols and dihydrofuran-, dihydropyran- or glycal-derived pinacol boronates.
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