Andrei Borshchev

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This paper may be considered as a practical reference for those who wish to add (now sufficiently matured) Agent Based modeling to their analysis toolkit and may or may not have some System Dynamics or Discrete Event modeling background. We focus on systems that contain large numbers of active objects (people, business units, animals, vehicles, or even(More)
One of the approaches to modeling hybrid systems is to assign algebraic-differential equations describing the continuous behavior to states of state machines that represent discrete logic. The resulting hybrid state machine is a powerful concept to specify complex interdependencies between discrete and continuous time behaviors. It, however, exposes the(More)
Frequently, the problem cannot completely conform to one of the three existing modeling paradigms (discrete event, system dynamics, or agent based modeling). Thinking in terms of a single-method modeling language, the modeler inevitably either starts using workarounds (unnatural and cumbersome constructs), or just leaves part of the problem outside the(More)
We present a currently developed Decision Support Tool - Supply Chain (DST-SC). This is specialized domain oriented tool, which is an extension of the general purpose, UML-RT Hybrid Simulation kernel of AnyLogic by XJ Technologies. DST-SC allows high degree of flexibility with respect to the supply chain functionality being modeled, has the ability to(More)
XJ Technologies presents AnyLogic version 6, the major step forward in simulation technology. While inheriting all recognized features of AnyLogic 5 (multi-paradigm modeling with system dynamics, discrete event and agent based approaches, object-orientedness and open architecture), version 6 is totally Java solution based on IBM Eclipse technology. It has a(More)