Andrei B. Fedotov

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Phase-matched four-wave mixing is demonstrated for millijoule nanosecond pulses guided by photonic band-gaps of hollow fibers with a two-dimensionally periodic cladding and a core diameter of ϳ50 ␮m. Raman resonances related to the stretching vibrations of water molecules inside the hollow fiber core are detected in the spectrum of the four-wave mixing(More)
Soliton self-frequency shift (SSFS) in a photonic crystal fiber (PCF) pumped by a long-cavity mode-locked Cr:forsterite laser is integrated with second harmonic generation (SHG) in a nonlinear crystal to generate ultrashort light pulses tunable within the range of wavelengths from 680 to 1800 nm at a repetition rate of 20 MHz. The pulse width of the second(More)
Cognitive tests on representative groups of freely behaving transgenic mice are shown to enable a quantitative characterization of reconnectable implantable fiber-optic neurointerfaces for optogenetic neurostimulation. A systematic analysis of such tests provides a robust quantitative measure for the cognitive effects induced by fiber-optic(More)
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