Andrei B. Fedotov

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Sequences of picosecond pulses of 1.06-microm Nd:YAG laser radiation with a total energy of approximately 2 mJ are transmitted through a hollow-core photonic-crystal fiber with a core diameter of approximately 14 microm and are focused onto a tooth's surface in vitro to ablate dental tissue. The hollow-core photonic-crystal fiber is shown to support the(More)
A highly birefringent silicate glass photonic-crystal fiber (PCF) is employed for polarization-controlled nonlinear-optical frequency conversion of femtosecond Cr: forsterite laser pulses with a central wavelength of 1.24 mum to the 530--720-nm wavelength range through soliton dispersion-wave emission. The fiber exhibits a modal birefringence of 1.2.10(-3)(More)
Hollow-core photonic-crystal fibers are shown to substantially enhance four-wave mixing (FWM) of laser pulses in a gas filling the fiber core. Picosecond pulses of Nd:YAG fundamental radiation and its second harmonic are used to generate a signal at the frequency of the third harmonic by the FWM process 3omega = 2omega + 2omega - omega. The efficiency(More)
A high-energy supercontinuum spanning 4.7 octaves, from 250 to 6500 nm, is generated using a 0.3-TW, 3.9-μm output of a mid-infrared optical parametric chirped-pulse amplifier as a driver inducing a laser filament in the air. The high-frequency wing of the supercontinuum spectrum is enhanced by odd-order optical harmonics of the mid-infrared driver. Optical(More)
We demonstrate a robust, all-solid-state approach for the generation of microjoule subcycle pulses in the midinfrared through a cascade of carefully optimized parametric-amplification, difference-frequency-generation, spectral-broadening, and chirp-compensation stages. This method of subcycle waveform generation becomes possible due to an unusual,(More)
Strongly coupled nonlinear spatiotemporal dynamics of ultrashort mid-infrared pulses undergoing self-focusing simultaneously with soliton self-compression in an anomalously dispersive, highly nonlinear solid semiconductor is shown to enable the generation of multioctave supercontinua with spectra spanning the entire mid-infrared range and compressible to(More)
Hollow-core photonic-crystal fibres (PCFs) for the delivery of high-fluence laser radiation capable of ablating tooth enamel are developed. Sequences of picosecond pulses of 1.06 microm Nd:YAG-laser radiation with a total energy of about 2 mJ are transmitted through a hollow-core photonic-crystal fibre with a core diameter of approximately 14 microm and are(More)
Phase-matched four-wave mixing is demonstrated for millijoule nanosecond pulses guided by photonic bandgaps of hollow fibers with a two-dimensionally periodic cladding and a core diameter of 50 m. Raman resonances related to the stretching vibrations of water molecules inside the hollow fiber core are detected in the spectrum of the four-wave mixing signal,(More)
A highly nonlinear photonic-crystal fiber is used to demonstrate spectral compression of femtosecond light pulses combined with a tunable soliton frequency shift. A spectral compression ratio of 6.5 is achieved for solitons produced by unamplified 50 fs 1270 nm Cr:forsterite laser pulses shifted by the Raman effect to a central wavelength of 1.58 microm.