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OBJECTIVES The auditory speech sounds evaluation 2009 test battery for assessment of speech pitch perception is presented. It was designed to (a) assess perception of pitch in linguistic contexts without the confounds of secondary acoustic cues, (b) be usable with listeners from different language backgrounds, and (c) be suitable for use in a clinical(More)
This paper presents a microfluidic device for magnetophoretic separation red blood cells from blood under continuous flow. The separation method consist of continuous flow of a blood sample (diluted in PBS) through a microfluidic channel which presents on the bottom " dots " of ferromagnetic layer. By applying a magnetic field perpendicular on the flowing(More)
Typical automotive software development involves a broad spectrum of development environments and this leads to friction loss, unnecessary efforts and inconsistencies discovered later in the development process. In this paper we advocate that language engineering technologies can be used for the interface definition and code generation in order to glue(More)
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