Andrei Antonenko

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In this paper I explore the structure of Russian subjunctive and indicative clauses, and demonstrate the asymmetries between them. The first asymmetry is the phenomenon of subject obviation, i.e. ban on coreference between the pronominal subject of the embedded subjunctive clause and the subject of the matrix clause. The second asymmetry is the fact that(More)
1 has avalanched since the 1990s, and this process continues. The internet now provides solutions to an enormous number of tasks in learning, social activities, the conduct of business, scientific developments and research, entertainment, etc. An unavoidable cost of all the advantages and benefits of the worldwide network in daily life is the formation of(More)
'Forbidden' Bragg reflections of iron orthoborate Fe(3)BO(6) were studied theoretically and experimentally in the vicinity of the iron K edge. Their energy spectra are explained as resulting from the interference of x-rays scattered from two inequivalent crystallographic sites occupied by iron ions. This particular structure property gives rise to complex(More)
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