Andrei A Karelin

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A number of hemoglobin-derived homogeneous peptides were isolated from erythrocyte lysate. The amino acid sequences of nine peptides were determined. Seven out of nine peptides were relatively long, 30-32 membered peptides covering the N- or C-terminal sequences of globin chains. The remaining two were the pentapeptide neo-kyotorphin and its tetrapeptide(More)
Systematic analysis of structures, localization, formation and biological activities of endogenous peptides derived from functional proteins, such as hemoglobin, myelin basic protein, immunoglobulins, etc., allowed establishing the basic features of that group of compounds. The sets of these peptides in mammalian tissues, or "tissue-specific peptide pools"(More)
Hemorphins, i.e. endogenous fragments of beta-globin chain segment (32-41) LVVYPWTQRY(F) suppress the growth of transformed murine fibroblasts L929 cell culture, the effect is due to cytotoxicity and inhibition of cell proliferation. The contribution of cytotoxicity depends on the presence of Leu(32): VV-hemorphins, except VV-hemorphin-4, exhibit(More)
It is shown that neokyotorphin (the alpha-globin fragment 137-141) stimulates proliferation of normal cells (murine embryonic fibroblasts, red bone marrow and spleen cells) and tumor cells (murine melanoma and transformed fibroblasts L929) in the absence or in the presence of fetal bovine serum. In contrast to serum deprivation conditions, the ability to(More)
Valorphin, an endogenous opioid-like hemoglobin fragment, is cytotoxic for L929 and K562 tumor cells in 10(-7)-10(-13) M concentration range. Because cytolytic effects induced by valorphin in K562 cells are inhibited by naloxone, opioid receptors should be involved in induction of valorphin-mediated tumor cell death. Three distinct cytolytic processes,(More)
It was discovered that illumination of the complex formed by the solubilized acetylcholine receptor from Torpedo marmorata and Lys25-p-azidobenzoyl derivative of neurotoxin II results in the appearance on the receptor of up to 4 additional binding sites. Acetylcholine and neurotoxin II, but not the long-chain neurotoxins bind specifically to these sites.(More)
The method of automatic registration and of the analysis of neutrophils' mobility with the use of the Image Analysis System is described in this paper. The authors developed an algorithm of cells identification which makes it possible to carry out cadre-by-cadre observing the shift of each cell's centre of gravity with the time interval between cadres more(More)
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