Andreea Niculescu

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In this paper we present the results of a pilot study investigating the impact of stress and cognitive load on the perceived interaction quality of a multimodal dialogue system for crisis management. Four test subjects interacted with the system in four differently configured trials aiming to induce low/high levels of stress and cognitive load.(More)
In this paper we present an experiment addressing a critical issue in Voice User Interface (VUI) design, namely whether the user acceptance can be improved by having recorded voice prompts imitate his/her regional dialect. The claim was tested within a project aiming to develop voice animated virtual help desk assistants for intelligent mobile phone(More)
The quality assessment of multimodal conversational interactions is determined by many influence parameters. Stress and cognitive load are two of them. In order to assess the impact of stress and cognitive load on the perceived conversational quality it is essential to control their levels during the interaction. Therefore we present in this paper(More)
— This paper presents our motivation for organizing the FinER workshop at IROS 2015, as well as a summary of all accepted papers. The main workshop goal is to provide an open exchange forum to the robotic community where participants can share their personal " failure to success " stories. We believe that such exchanges are of tremendous importance for the(More)
In this paper we discuss the concept of smart city in the context of South East Asian (SEA) countries focusing on ideas with potential applications in HCI4D. We argue that smart city concepts can also be introduced in developing SEA countries despite technological challenges and moderate basic infrastructures. We take Singapore as a reference and try to(More)