Andreea Ancuta Onofrei

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Emergency services are vital services that Next Generation Networks (NGNs) have to provide. As the IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) is in the heart of NGNs, 3GPP has carried the burden of specifying a standardized IMS-based emergency services framework. Unfortunately , like any other IP-based standards, the IMS-based emergency service framework is prone to(More)
There is an increasing demand of multimedia and location aware services when an accurate and immediate response is needed, for example in the case of emergency services. In parallel, the technology has evolved from Circuit Switch (CS) to Packet Switch (PS) networks requiring backwards compatibility. As a result the emergency services support for NGNs, in(More)
The purpose of UbiPOL project is to develop a ubiquitous platform that allows citizens be involved in Policy Making Processes (PMPs) regardless of their current locations and time. However, literature highlights one of the foremost reasons that make citizens de-motivated in engaging themselves in policy making—the ignorance of germane policies and PMPs(More)
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