Andreas von Manteuffel

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We present a study of Ioffe times in deep inelastic electron-proton scattering. We deduce 'experimental' Ioffe-time distributions from the small-x HERA data as described by a particular colour-dipole-model fit. We show distributions for three representative γ * p c. m. energies W and various values of the photon virtuality Q 2. These distributions are(More)
Integration by parts reduction is a standard component of most modern multi-loop calculations in quantum field theory. We present a novel strategy constructed to overcome the limitations of currently available reduction programs based on Laporta's algorithm. The key idea is to construct algebraic identities from numerical samples obtained from reductions(More)
Complementing the preceding study of charged scalar leptons, the sector of the neutral scalar leptons, sneutrinos, is investigated in a high-precision analysis for future e + e − linear colliders. The theoretical predictions for the cross-sections are calculated at the thresholds for non-zero widths and in the continuum including higher-order corrections at(More)
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