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Previous attempts have shown the potential of T cells in immunotherapy of cancer. Here, we report on the clinical activity of a bispecific antibody construct called blinatumomab, which has the potential to engage all cytotoxic T cells in patients for lysis of cancer cells. Doses as low as 0.005 milligrams per square meter per day in non-Hodgkin's lymphoma(More)
Strategy parallelism is a powerful concept for applying parMicUsm to automated theorem proving. One of the most important problems to be solved in this approach is the proper distribution of the available resources mnong the different strategies. This task usually requires a lot of user expertise. When the resource distribution has to be done automatically,(More)
One of the key issues in Automated Theorem Proving is the search for optimal proof strategies. Since there is not one uniform strategy which works optimal on all proof tasks, one is faced with the diicult problem of selecting a good strategy for a given task. In this paper, we discuss a way of circumventing this strategy selection problem by using strategy(More)