Andreas Wiratanaya

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We propose a highly efficient hierarchical representation for point sampled geometry that automatically balances sampling density and point coordinate quantization. The representation is very compact with a memory consumption of far less than 2 bits per point position which does not depend on the quantization precision. We present an efficient rendering(More)
Research into ageing and cognition has demonstrated the close relationship of sensory functioning and social communication to maintaining cognitive performance and mood in the elderly, yet in modern societies elderly people are increasingly isolated and under-stimulated, both physically and psycho-socially. This situation results in accelerated cognitive(More)
We describe the design and implementation of an interactive character animation interface. The system analyzes the attentive state and aspects of the affective behaviour of a viewer using input from a video camera and uses this to control the behaviour of a cartoon-like animated character. Using the interaction metaphor of a mime artist, we design the(More)
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