Andreas Wild

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COS uptake by trees, as observed under dark/light changes and under application of the plant hormone abscisic acid, exhibited a strong correlation with the CO 2 assimilation rate and the stomatal conductance. As the uptake of COS occurred exclusively through the stomata we compared experimentally derived and re-evaluated deposition velocities (V d ; related(More)
Post-polymerization modification of a poly(pentafluorostyryl) backbone with β-d-galactose and a terpyridine platinum complex yields a well-defined material that represents the first example of a metal-conjugated glycopolymer. It reveals anti-proliferative activity, no detectable necrotic cytotoxicity, and efficiently induces apoptosis in both wild-type as(More)
Drying soil to −100 kPa increased the subsequent mineralization of nitrogen under optimal moisture conditions. The effect was greater when the soils were dried to −1500 Pa. Mineralization was greater after four cycles of wetting and drying than after one. Depending on the drying conditions, the amount of nitrogen mineralized after drying to −1500 Pa was(More)
This critical review summarizes the research progress made in the field of π-conjugated terpyridines within the last decade. Supramolecular materials based on metal ion complexes of 2,2':6',2"-terpyridine derivatives have found manifold potential applications-from opto-electronic devices to life science. In this contribution, synthetic strategies towards(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine whether topically applied ESBA105, a single-chain antibody fragment against tumor necrosis factor (TNF)-α, could efficiently penetrate into the anterior chamber of the human eye. DESIGN Multicenter, interventional cohort study. PARTICIPANTS Otherwise healthy patients undergoing cataract surgery (cohorts I-III) or combined cataract(More)
Effects of root temperature on the growth and morphology of roots were measured in oilseed rape (Brassica napus L.) and barley (Hordeum vulgare L.). Plants were grown in flowing solution culture and acclimatized over several weeks to a root temperature of 5°C prior to treatment at a range of root temperatures between 3 and 25°C, with common shoot(More)
Two zinc(II)- and two ruthenium(II) containing π-conjugated metallo-polymers were synthesized and characterized in detail. We could prove by SEC, analytical ultracentrifugation (AUC) and viscosimetry the ruthenium(II) metallo-polymers to be high molar mass materials (M(fs)  = 20 000 g · mol(-1) Ru1-2; M(fs)  = 34 000 g · mol(-1) Ru1) exhibiting intrinsic(More)
Redox-active polymers have received recently significant interest as active materials in secondary organic batteries. We designed a redox-active monomer, namely 2-vinyl-4,8-dihydrobenzo[1,2-b:4,5-b']dithiophene-4,8-dione that exhibits two one-electron redox reactions and has a low molar mass, resulting in a high theoretical capacity of 217 mAh/g. The free(More)
A low-soluble phosphate rock from Patos (Brazil) was compared with monocalcium phosphate, and Gafsa and Morocco phosphate rocks as a source of phosphate for sorghum growing in three acid soils from Southern Bahia (Brazil). Before the test period with sorghum the four phosphates were allowed to react with the soils for 0,90, 180 and 270 days. The(More)
The spin-orbit interaction (SOI) of a two-dimensional hole gas in the inversion symmetric semiconductor Ge is studied in a strained-Ge/SiGe quantum well structure. We observe weak antilocalization (WAL) in the magnetoconductivity measurement, revealing that the WAL feature can be fully described by the k-cubic Rashba SOI theory. Furthermore, we demonstrate(More)