Andreas Weyland

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OBJECTIVE To investigate the precision and accuracy of continuous pulse contour cardiac output (PCCO) compared with intermittent transcardiopulmonary (TCPCO) and pulmonary artery thermodilution (TDCO) measurements in patients undergoing minimally invasive coronary bypass surgery (MIDCAB). DESIGN Prospective, controlled, clinical study. SETTING(More)
BACKGROUND The driving pressure gradient for cerebral perfusion is the difference between mean arterial pressure (MAP) and critical closing pressure (CCP = zero flow pressure). Therefore, determination of the difference between MAP and CCP should provide an appropriate monitoring of the effective cerebral perfusion pressure (CPP(eff)). Based on this(More)
IMPORTANCE High-dose intravenous administration of sodium selenite has been proposed to improve outcome in sepsis by attenuating oxidative stress. Procalcitonin-guided antimicrobial therapy may hasten the diagnosis of sepsis, but effect on outcome is unclear. OBJECTIVE To determine whether high-dose intravenous sodium selenite treatment and(More)
The use of the sitting position in neurosurgery is often associated with decreased arterial pressure (MAP) and stroke volume index (SVI). A shift in blood from the intra- to the extrathoracic compartment may be responsible for this cardiovascular response. However, little is known of the amount of shift in blood volume after transfer from the supine to the(More)
It was our goal to compare the Proseal-laryngeal mask airway (PLMA) with the classical laryngeal mask airway (LMA) in a german multicenter trial. Handling of the instruments and application criteria were to be tested. 7 anaesthesia departments were able to take part in this study. 280 patients could be investigated after approval of the ethics committee of(More)
Guidelines recommend administering antibiotics within 1 h of sepsis recognition but this recommendation remains untested by randomized trials. This trial was set up to investigate whether survival is improved by reducing the time before initiation of antimicrobial therapy by means of a multifaceted intervention in compliance with guideline recommendations.(More)
CONTEXT Early appropriate antimicrobial therapy leads to lower mortality rates associated with severe sepsis. The role of empirical combination therapy comprising at least 2 antibiotics of different mechanisms remains controversial. OBJECTIVE To compare the effect of moxifloxacin and meropenem with the effect of meropenem alone on sepsis-related organ(More)
Deliberate hypotension is widely used during cerebral-artery aneurysm surgery to facilitate clipping and to prevent rupture. A large number of drugs are commonly employed to achieve hypotension, but all have their specific drawbacks. We investigated the effects of magnesium-sulphate-induced hypotension on haemodynamics, as well as on plasma catecholamine(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE The effects of intra-aortic balloon pumping (IABP) on cerebral perfusion are still a matter of debate. End-diastolic reversal of blood flow in cerebral arteries has been observed in a small number of patients. We prospectively investigated the incidence and the amount of transient cerebral artery blood flow reversal during balloon(More)