Andreas Weinhaeusel

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BACKGROUND MGMT promoter methylation is associated with favorable prognosis and chemosensitivity in glioblastoma multiforme (GBM), especially in elderly patients. We aimed to develop a simple methylation-sensitive restriction enzyme (MSRE)-based quantitative PCR (qPCR) assay, allowing the quantification of MGMT promoter methylation. METHODS DNA was(More)
Early detection, classification and prognosis of human cancers by analysis of CpG methylation carry huge diagnostic potential. MethCancerDB collects and annotates genes and sequences from the abundance of published methylation studies and interlinks them to all methylation-relevant bioinformatical resources. MethCancerDB starts with 4720 entries from 348(More)
BACKGROUND R is the leading open source statistics software with a vast number of biostatistical and bioinformatical analysis packages. To exploit the advantages of R, extensive scripting/programming skills are required. RESULTS We have developed a software tool called R GUI Generator (RGG) which enables the easy generation of Graphical User Interfaces(More)
BACKGROUND It is well established that asbestos is the most important cause of mesothelioma. The role of simian virus 40 (SV40) in mesothelioma development, on the other hand, remains controversial. This potential human oncogene has been introduced into various populations through contaminated polio vaccines. The aim of this study was to investigate whether(More)
Chordomas are rare mesenchymal tumors occurring exclusively in the midline from clivus to sacrum. Early tumor detection is extremely important as these tumors are resistant to chemotherapy and irradiation. Despite continuous research efforts surgical excision remains the main treatment option. Because of the often challenging anatomic location early(More)
Targeted sequencing of PCR amplicons generated from bisulfite deaminated DNA is a flexible, cost-effective way to study methylation of a sample at single CpG resolution and perform subsequent multi-target, multi-sample comparisons. Currently, no platform specific protocol, support, or analysis solution is provided to perform targeted bisulfite sequencing on(More)
New minimal invasive diagnostic methods for early detection of lung cancer are urgently needed. It is known that the immune system responds to tumors with production of tumor-autoantibodies. Protein microarrays are a suitable highly multiplexed platform for identification of autoantibody signatures against tumor-associated antigens (TAA). These microarrays(More)
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