Andreas Weinberger Rosen

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We prove that the double layer potential operator and the gradient of the single layer potential operator are L2 bounded for general second order divergence form systems. As compared to earlier results, our proof shows that the bounds for the layer potentials are independent of well posedness for the Dirichlet problem and of De Giorgi-Nash local estimates.(More)
The treatment of colon cancer has undergone a rapid development with improved surgical and medical regimes and the introduction of targeted treatments. This review offers insight into the current available tailored treatment of colon cancer, and some of the new tailored treatment possibilities with focus on preoperative-, surgical- and post-operative(More)
We study boundary value problems for degenerate elliptic equations and systems with square integrable boundary data. We can allow for degeneracies in the form of an A2 weight. We obtain representations and boundary traces for solutions in appropriate classes, perturbation results for solvability and solvability in some situations. The technology of earlier(More)
We prove that the Atiyah-Singer Dirac operator / Dg in L 2 depends Riesz continuously on L∞ perturbations of complete metrics g on a smooth manifold. The Lipschitz bound for the map g → / Dg(1 + / D 2 g) − 12 depends on bounds on Ricci curvature and its first derivatives as well as a lower bound on injectivity radius. Our proof uses harmonic analysis(More)
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