Andreas Wassatsch

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The CORDIC algorithm is used in many fields of signal processing for computation of elementary functions. Its main advantages are versatility and simplicity. When implemented in a word parallel pipeline it yields the highest possible throughput. However, this solution is accompanied with increased hardware complexity and chip area requirements. The goal of(More)
High-energy physics experiments require high-speed triggering systems capable of performing complex pattern recognition at rates of Megahertz to Gigahertz. Neural networks implemented in hardware have been the solution of choice for certain experiments. The neural triggering problem is presented here via a detailed look at the H1 level 2 trigger at the HERA(More)
In dieser Arbeit werden Digit-On-Line-Module für eine schnelle serielle Si-gnalverarbeitung vorgestellt, die nach dem Most-Significant-Digit-First-Prinzip arbeiten. Diese gestattet im Gegensatz zu der bekannten Least-Significant Digit First -Technik, die nur für die Addition, Subtraktion und Multi-plikation ohne Einschränkungen zu verwenden ist, die(More)
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