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A knowledge of the rotatory motion of the vertebral bodies is needed to understand the normal biomechanical behavior of the spine. The aims of this investigation were 1) to define the instantaneous axis of rotation of the lumbar spine in rotation; and 2) to study the effect of the loss of the anulus, facet joints, and ligamentous structures on the location(More)
One hundred and forty-six years after its first description, the differential diagnosis of Meniere's disease remains very challenging. The aim of the present study is to review the current knowledge on the advantages and disadvantages of the new diagnostic methods for Meniere's disease. The importance of accurate diagnosis for primary healthcare systems is(More)
Instrumentation designed for stabilization and correction of spinal deformities must limit the amount of motion in flexion and extension. In flexion or extension, the vertebral bodies move about a specific point called the instantaneous axis of rotation. The ability of the implant to limit this motion is a function of its relation to the axis of rotation of(More)
The relationship between total phytoplankton cell number, chlorophyll a, cell volume, and the response of these parameters to reactive phosphorus and nitrate in surface waters of Saronicos Gulf (Greece) was examined using simple and partial correlation statistics. Different conclusions could be drawn as to the comparability between biomass parameters and(More)
Chlorite is the most common accessory mineral group found in high purity talc ore used in cosmetic or pharmaceutical consumer talcum products. X-ray diffraction and wet chemical analytical data obtained on geologic samples representing commercial talc ore deposits of high purity and on processed samples representing talc found in consumer talcum products(More)
The prevalence of genetic variants associated to cutaneous melanoma (CM) has never been determined within Cypriot melanomas. This study evaluates the frequency of variants in cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor 2A (CDKN2A) and melanocortin-1 receptor (MC1R) in 32 patients diagnosed with CM. Other characteristics and risk factors were also assessed. CDKN2A(More)
The present research employed the illusion-of-control paradigm to investigate the relationships between Obsessive–Compulsive disorder (OCD) symptoms, religiosity levels, and illusory sense of control (SC). An opportunistic sample of 60 undergraduate students was presented with a pre-programmed series of neutral visual stimuli (i.e. lines) and was expected(More)
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