Andreas Vasilakis

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Many applications require operations on multiple fragments that result from ray casting at the same pixel location. To this end, several approaches have been introduced that process for each pixel one or more fragments per rendering pass, so as to produce a multifragment effect. However, multifragment rasterization is susceptible to flickering artifacts(More)
Objective: Provide a formal definition of the interior of the manifold solid defined by a self-crossing surface. Ensures that the definition produces intuitive results during simple local deformation (mimicking union, intersection, difference) and over more complex deformation. Applications: Preview of advanced (free-form) CAD operations where(More)
Depth-sorted fragment determination is fundamental for a host of image-based techniques which simulates complex rendering effects. It is also a challenging task in terms of time and space required when rasterizing scenes with high depth complexity. When low graphics memory requirements are of utmost importance, k-buffer can objectively be considered as the(More)
Kalogeratos, Argyris, O. PhD, Computer Science Department, University of Ioannina, Greece. April 2013. Knowledge Extraction Methods from Document Collections. Thesis Supervisor: Aristidis Likas. This thesis studies the problem of document clustering. Given a document collection, at rst, preprocessing, and feature extraction take place. As a result, each(More)