Andreas Urbanczyk

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Many SIV isolates can employ the orphan receptor GPR15 as coreceptor for efficient entry into transfected cell lines, but the role of endogenously expressed GPR15 in SIV cell tropism is largely unclear. Here, we show that several human B and T cell lines express GPR15 on the cell surface, including the T/B cell hybrid cell line CEMx174, and that GPR15(More)
Protein kinase C-ζ interacting proteins (ZIP1-3) recruit the enzymatic activity of the atypical protein kinase C isoforms PKC-λ/ι or PKC-ζ to target proteins. In this study, we searched for binding partners of ZIP3 in the CNS and identified spartin, a multifunctional protein that is mutated in spastic paraplegia type 20. In transfected cells, spartin was(More)
Scaffold proteins contain multiple protein-protein interaction modules that physically assemble functionally related proteins into larger complexes. ZIPs [PKC (protein kinase C) ζ-interacting proteins] link the enzymatic activity of the atypical PKC isoforms PKCλ/ι or PKCζ to target proteins and are associated with neurodegenerative disorders. In the rat,(More)
The authors present the case of a 19 year old man with a continuous murmurin the right latero-thoracic region, with no functional symptomatology. Complementary examination demonstrated the presence of an angiomatosis which had developed at the expense of the right internal and external mammary vessels, and communicating with the pulmonary arterio-venous(More)