Andreas Tilgner

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We present the results of a benchmark study for a convection-driven magnetohydrodynamic dynamo problem in a rotating spherical shell. The solutions are stationary aside from azimuthal drift. One case of non-magnetic convection and two dynamos that differ in the assumptions concerning the inner core are studied. Six groups contributed numerical solutions(More)
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Global sulfate production plays a key role in aerosol radiative forcing; more than half of this production occurs in clouds. We found that sulfur dioxide oxidation catalyzed by natural transition metal ions is the dominant in-cloud oxidation pathway. The pathway was observed to occur primarily on coarse mineral dust, so the sulfate produced will have a(More)
In the Earth's fluid outer core, a dynamo process converts thermal and gravitational energy into magnetic energy. The power needed to sustain the geomagnetic field is set by the ohmic losses (dissipation due to electrical resistance). Recent estimates of ohmic losses cover a wide range, from 0.1 to 3.5 TW, or roughly 0.3-10% of the Earth's surface heat(More)
BACKGROUND The pressure drop-flow relations in myocardial bridges and the assessment of vascular heart disease via fractional flow reserve (FFR) have motivated many researchers the last decades. The aim of this study is to simulate several clinical conditions present in myocardial bridges to determine the flow reserve and consequently the clinical relevance(More)
We investigate kinematic dynamos in cylinders and spheres surrounded by an insulator. The flow volume is divided into an inner region, in which the conducting fluid is in motion, and an outer region enclosing the inner one, in which the conductor is at rest. The dependence of the critical magnetic Reynolds number on the thickness of the outer conducting(More)
Numerical simulations of dynamos in rotating Rayleigh-Bénard convection in plane layers are presented. Two different types of dynamos exist which obey different scaling laws for the amplitude of the magnetic field. The transition between the two occurs within a hydrodynamically uniform regime which can be classified as rapidly rotating convection.
Ambient tropospheric deliquesced particles generally comprise a complex mixture of electrolytes, organic compounds, and water. Dynamic modeling of physical and chemical processes in this complex matrix is challenging. Thus, up-to-date multiphase chemistry models do generally not consider non-ideal solution effects. Therefore, the present 5 study was aimed(More)
In this work, we present the first observations of stable water isotopologue ratios in cloud droplets of different sizes collected simultaneously. We address the question whether the isotope ratio of droplets in a liquid cloud varies as a function of droplet size. Samples were collected from a ground intercepted cloud (= fog) during the Hill Cap Cloud(More)