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PURPOSE Restoration of lost dentition in the severely artrophic posterior maxilla has for the last 2 decades been successfully treated with various sinus augmentation techniques and installation of dental implants. The use of graft material is anticipated to be necessary; however, recent studies have demonstrated that the mere lifting of the sinus mucosal(More)
Despite the huge amount of recent research efforts on entity resolution (matching) there has not yet been a comparative evaluation on the relative effectiveness and efficiency of alternate approaches. We therefore present such an evaluation of existing implementations on challenging real-world match tasks. We consider approaches both with and without using(More)
Object matching or object consolidation is a crucial task for data integration and data cleaning. It addresses the problem of identifying object instances in data sources referring to the same real world entity. We propose a flexible framework called MOMA for mapping based object matching. It allows the construction of match workflows combining the results(More)
Cloud infrastructures enable the efficient parallel execution of data-intensive tasks such as entity resolution on large datasets. We investigate challenges and possible solutions of using the MapReduce programming model for parallel entity resolution using Sorting Neighborhood blocking (SN). We propose and evaluate two efficient MapReduce-based(More)
The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) on early and late bone healing after autogenous maxillary sinus grafting. Eleven patients were subjected to sinus augmentation with particulated autogenous bone bilaterally with the addition of PRP in one side. Platelet counts in baseline whole blood and PRP were registered.(More)
The free fibular flap is the standard procedure for reconstructing mandibular defects. The graft has to be contoured to fit the defect so preoperative planning is required. The systems used previously do not allow transfer of the surgical plan to the operation room in an optimal way. The authors present a method to bring the virtual plan to real time(More)
We analyze citation frequencies for two main database conferences (SIGMOD, VLDB) and three database journals (TODS, VLDB Journal, Sigmod Record) over 10 years. The citation data is obtained by integrating and cleaning data from DBLP and Google Scholar. Our analysis considers different comparative metrics per publication venue, in particular the total and(More)
The effectiveness and scalability of MapReduce-based implementations of complex data-intensive tasks depend on an even redistribution of data between map and reduce tasks. In the presence of skewed data, sophisticated redistribution approaches thus become necessary to achieve load balancing among all reduce tasks to be executed in parallel. For the complex(More)