Andreas Teuner

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Recent studies have confirmed that the multichannel Gabor decomposition represents an excellent tool for image segmentation and boundary detection. Unfortunately, this approach when used for unsupervised image analysis tasks imposes excessive storage requirements due to the nonorthogonality of the basis functions and is computationally highly demanding. In(More)
Acquisition of the images of fast-moving objects requires imagers with high photoresponsivity at short integration times, synchronous exposure, and high-speed parallel readout. Previous CMOS implementations yield frame rates around 500 frames/s at integration times ranging from 75 to 200 ps, and some use rolling shutter only. This CMOS imager achieves more(More)
This paper presents an unsupervised texture segmentation algorithm based on feature extraction using multichannel Gabor filtering. It is shown that feature contrast, a criterion derived for Gabor filter parameter selection, is well suited for feature coordinate weighting in order to reduce the feature space dimension. The central idea of the proposed(More)
Road traffic hazards typically occur on motorways during lane change, if another vehicle besides the own one has been overlooked. This can happen easily, if the other vehicle is in the blind spot and the driver has not assured accurately that there is no other vehicle alongside. In this paper, a tracking method for vehicles approaching from the rear is(More)
In this communication we present a low cost smart airbag solution based on a high speed active CMOS camera system. The system continuously monitors the seats and quickly determines the occupancy status, and a passenger’s position and size before the airbag is deployed. The camera uses an image sensor fabricated in a l p m standard CMOS technology and is(More)
An algorithm that computes the Gabor coefficients of an image is presented. An adaptive filter that uses the complex least mean-square algorithm for their computation is proposed, and its numerical characteristics are discussed. It is shown that the filter is stable under certain conditions. Because the Gabor transformation seems to be an excellent tool for(More)