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—Several of the more important endmember-finding algorithms for hyperspectral data are discussed and some of their shortcomings highlighted. A new algorithm—iterated constrained endmembers (ICE)—which attempts to address these shortcomings is introduced. An example of its use is given. There is also a discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of(More)
This paper presents a review of staff scheduling and rostering, an area that has become increasingly important as business becomes more service oriented and cost conscious in a global environment. Optimised staff schedules can provide enormous benefits, but require carefully implemented decision support systems if an organisation is to meet customer demands(More)
These papers are produced by Judge Business School, University of Cambridge. They are circulated for discussion purposes only. Their contents should be considered preliminary and are not to be quoted without the authors' permission. Abstract The hub median problem is to locate hub facilities in a network and to allocate non-hub nodes to hub nodes such that(More)
Selective autophagy is a quality control pathway through which cellular components are sequestered into double-membrane vesicles and delivered to specific intracellular compartments. This process requires autophagy receptors that link cargo to growing autophagosomal membranes. Selective autophagy is also implicated in various membrane trafficking events.(More)