Andreas Stylianou

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Solid tumor pathophysiology is characterized by an abnormal microenvironment that guides tumor progression and poses barriers to the efficacy of cancer therapies. Most common among tumor types are abnormalities in the structure of the tumor vasculature and stroma. Remodeling the tumor microenvironment with the aim to normalize any aberrant properties has(More)
As E-businesses are becoming ubiquitous, enhancing the performance and scalability of e-business systems has become an increasingly important topic of investigation. As Vitruvius (70-25 BC) put it succinctly 'function follows form', the ability of a system to perform well and scale easily is influenced by how the system itself is formed or implemented. A(More)
Microalbuminuria (MA) is an independent risk factor for atherosclerosis in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM). Postprandial lipemia is also associated with excess cardiovascular risk. However, the association between MA and postprandial lipemia in diabetes has not been investigated. A total of 64 patients with T2DM, 30 with and 34 without MA,(More)
Innovations in technology and science form novel fields that, although beneficial, introduce new bio-ethical issues. In their short history, lasers have greatly influenced our everyday lives, especially in medicine. This paper focuses particularly on medical and para-medical laser ethics and their origins, and presents the complex relationships within laser(More)
Over the last few decades, the achievements and progress in the field of medical imaging have dramatically enhanced the early detection and treatment of many pathological conditions. The development of new imaging modalities, especially non-ionising ones, which will improve prognosis, is of crucial importance. A number of novel imaging modalities have been(More)
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