Andreas Steiner

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This document summarizes the proposals before the SQL3 committees to allow the addition of tables with valid-time and transaction-time support into SQL/Temporal, and explains how to use these facilities to migrate smoothly from a conventional relational system to one encompassing temporal support. Initially, important requirements to a temporal system that(More)
High-throughput DNA sequencing produces vast amounts of data, with millions of short reads that usually have to be mapped to a reference genome or newly assembled. Both reference-based mapping and de novo assembly are computationally intensive, generating large intermediary data files, and thus require bioinformatics skills that are often lacking in the(More)
We present a temporal object model capable of representing object lifespans and also the history of their roles and associations. We adopt an approach of temporal generalisation rather than temporal extension in which a model in its entirety is given a temporal semantics through an orthogonal generalisation of all model concepts { including the lifespan of(More)
Electroretinograms obtained in the butterfliesAglais urticae andPieris brassicae by the procedure of Fourier interferometric stimulation (FIS) were used to construct spectral sensitivity curves. These curves, representing the combined responses of several receptor types, were approximated by summation of spectral sensitivity curves for individual pigments,(More)
1. A fast action spectrometric method with high resolving power and high reproducibility has been developed: Fourier Interferometric Stimulation (FIS). The method, experimental set-up and application of the new technique on investigations of the spectral sensitivity of insects are discussed. 2. FIS intra- and extracellular recordings revealed thatCalliphora(More)
BACKGROUND Following endorsement by the World Health Organisation, the Xpert MTB/RIF assay has been widely incorporated into algorithms for the diagnosis of adult tuberculosis (TB). However, data on its performance in children remain scarce. This prospective, multi-centre study evaluated the performance of Xpert MTB/RIF to diagnose pulmonary tuberculosis in(More)
We show how model extensibility of object-oriented data management systems can be achieved through the combination of a highlevel core object data model and an architecture designed with model extensibility in mind. The resulting system, OMS/Java, is both a general data management system and a framework for the development of advanced database application(More)