Andreas Siegler

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We report five children and adolescents who displayed a conversion reaction in response to stresses induced by athletic competition. Failure to make proper diagnosis led to additional physician referral, needless testing, rehabilitation, or orthotic management. Patients are characterized as high achievers who are frequently younger than peers in the sport.(More)
Questionnaires submitted to children subsequent to school screening for scoliosis reveal that 13% of respondents recall being referred to a physician. This rate is considerably higher than the 3% referral rate reported by school health officials. The discrepancy points to misperceptions by students and their parents as a likely cause of "schooliosis, " a(More)
Faculty practice plans are under scrutiny at many academic medical centers as teaching hospitals seek ways to encourage their physicians to increase their clinical activities. Discussions with physicians at two medical schools yielded insights into the faculty members' perspective on faculty practice plans. Interviews disclosed that the physicians were(More)
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