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gpuNUFFT - An Open Source GPU Library for 3D Regridding with Direct Matlab Interface
The goal of this work is to introduce gpuNUFFT, a new open-source 3d regridding GPU library with a built-in Matlab interface that is straightforward to include in all implementations of iterative image reconstruction. Expand
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Infimal convolution of total generalized variation functionals for dynamic MRI
To accelerate dynamic MR applications using infimal convolution of total generalized variation functionals (ICTGV) as spatio‐temporal regularization for image reconstruction.
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Development of a written music-recognition system using Java and open source technologies
We report on the development of a software system to recognize and interpret printed music and derive the all necessary information to use the computers MIDI sound system to play the music. Expand
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Game Arena with Abprallschutz for flying object
Health training—A health coaching developments with integrative medicine
Far-reaching changes, developments and trends can currently be witnessed in the fields of health counselling and health training. New and innovative counselling/training forms come more and more intoExpand