Andreas Schindler

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Our subjective experience links covert visual and egocentric spatial attention seamlessly. However, the latter can extend beyond the visual field, covering all directions relative to our body. In contrast to visual representations, little is known about unseen egocentric representations in the healthy brain. Parietal cortex appears to be involved in both,(More)
Earlier studies on attachment and substance use disorders using the Hazan and Shaver (1987) self-report mainly indicate a link with "avoidant" attachment styles. Studies working with the Adult Attachment Interview (Main & Goldwyn, 1998) have produced inconsistent results. The present study used the Bartholomew (1990) interview coding system to assess(More)
Safe and effective antimalarial drugs with new methods of action are urgently needed. Fosmidomycin inhibits the synthesis of isoprenoid by Plasmodium falciparum, and suppresses the growth of multidrug-resistant strains in vitro. Our aim was to assess the efficacy and tolerability of fosmidomycin in adults with malaria in Gabon. We administered the drug for(More)
Neurophysiological and behavioral reports converge to suggest that monocular neurons in the primary visual cortex are biased toward low spatial frequencies, while binocular neurons favor high spatial frequencies. Here we tested this hypothesis with functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI). Human participants viewed flickering gratings at one of two(More)
Earlier studies indicated a relation between fearful-avoidant attachment and substance abuse. This study compares attachment representations (Family Attachment Interview; Bartholomew & Horowitz, 1991) of three groups of substance abusers and non-clinical controls. Heroin abusers (N = 22) were mainly fearful-avoidant, ecstasy abusers (N = 31) were(More)
(2005) 'Attachment and substance use disorders: A review of the literature and a study in drug dependent This article maybe used for research, teaching and private study purposes. Any substantial or systematic reproduction, redistribution , reselling , loan or sub-licensing, systematic supply or distribution in any form to anyone is expressly forbidden. The(More)
The perception of a melody is invariant to the absolute properties of its constituting notes, but depends on the relation between them-the melody's relative pitch profile. In fact, a melody's "Gestalt" is recognized regardless of the instrument or key used to play it. Pitch processing in general is assumed to occur at the level of the auditory cortex.(More)
In binocular rivalry, the conscious percept alternates stochastically between two images shown to the two eyes. Both suppressed and dominant images form afterimages (AIs) whose strength depends on the perceptual state during induction. Counterintuitively, when these two AIs rival, the AI of the previously suppressed percept gains initial dominance, even(More)