Andreas Schindler

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Our subjective experience links covert visual and egocentric spatial attention seamlessly. However, the latter can extend beyond the visual field, covering all directions relative to our body. In contrast to visual representations, little is known about unseen egocentric representations in the healthy brain. Parietal cortex appears to be involved in both,(More)
Cooperative driver assistance functions benefit from sharing information on the local environments of individual road users by means of communication technology and advanced sensor data fusion methods. However, the consistent integration of environment models as well as the subsequent interpretation of traffic situations impose high requirements on the(More)
Digital maps can provide essential information for many advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) dedicated to both safety and comfort applications. As the level of detail and global accuracy of state-of-the-art digital maps are not sufficient for a multitude of applications, we present methods and models for the generation of high precision maps. The(More)
In binocular rivalry, the conscious percept alternates stochastically between two images shown to the two eyes. Both suppressed and dominant images form afterimages (AIs) whose strength depends on the perceptual state during induction. Counterintuitively, when these two AIs rival, the AI of the previously suppressed percept gains initial dominance, even(More)
In modern driver assistance systems digital maps have proven usefulness for many applications in providing information on the environment around the host vehicle. For future ADAS, relevant to traffic safety, high precision digital maps including detailed information about the course of individual lanes are needed. We introduce a new method for the(More)
— Semi-active and active suspensions influencing the vertical dynamics of vehicles enable improvement of ride comfort and handling characteristics compared to vehicles with passive suspensions. If the road height profile in front of the car is measured using vehicle sensors, more efficient control strategies can be applied. First, regarding vehicles with(More)
The perception of a melody is invariant to the absolute properties of its constituting notes, but depends on the relation between them-the melody's relative pitch profile. In fact, a melody's "Gestalt" is recognized regardless of the instrument or key used to play it. Pitch processing in general is assumed to occur at the level of the auditory cortex.(More)
In modern driver assistance systems the environment perception plays a decisive role in order to evaluate the current traffic scene. The reliable recognition of the drivable area provides essential information for lane departure warning systems which in turn contribute to active road safety. Most systems on lane recognition do reliable work on well marked(More)