Andreas Scherz

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We demonstrate in the soft x-ray regime a novel technique for high-resolution lensless imaging based on differential holographic encoding. We have achieved superior resolution over x-ray Fourier transform holography while maintaining the signal-to-noise ratio and algorithmic simplicity. We obtain a resolution of 16 nm by synthesizing images in the Fourier(More)
X-ray magnetic circular dichroism measurements are reported at the beginning (W) and at the end (Ir, Pt) of the 5d series of the periodic table. Considerable induced magnetic moments of about 0.2 mu(B)/atom were probed for the nonmagnetic W and Ir and compared to previous data for the Pt induced moments in multilayers. W was found to couple(More)
We introduce a noniterative image-reconstruction technique for coherent diffractive imaging. Through the application of differential and integral operators, an extended reference can be used to recover the complex-valued transmissivity of an object, in closed form, from a measurement of its far-field (Fraunhofer) diffraction intensity. We demonstrate the(More)
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