Andreas Scherz

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Matter with a high energy density (>10(5) joules per cm(3)) is prevalent throughout the Universe, being present in all types of stars and towards the centre of the giant planets; it is also relevant for inertial confinement fusion. Its thermodynamic and transport properties are challenging to measure, requiring the creation of sufficiently long-lived(More)
Ultrafast laser techniques have revealed extraordinary spin dynamics in magnetic materials that equilibrium descriptions of magnetism cannot explain. Particularly important for future applications is understanding non-equilibrium spin dynamics following laser excitation on the nanoscale, yet the limited spatial resolution of optical laser techniques has(More)
We demonstrate in the soft x-ray regime a novel technique for high-resolution lensless imaging based on differential holographic encoding. We have achieved superior resolution over x-ray Fourier transform holography while maintaining the signal-to-noise ratio and algorithmic simplicity. We obtain a resolution of 16 nm by synthesizing images in the Fourier(More)
We report on time-resolved coherent x-ray scattering experiments of laser induced magnetization dynamics in Co/Pd multilayers with a high repetition rate optical pump x-ray probe setup. Starting from a multi-domain ground state, the magnetization is uniformly reduced after excitation by an intense 50 fs laser pulse. Using the normalized time correlation, we(More)
X-ray magnetic circular dichroism measurements are reported at the beginning (W) and at the end (Ir, Pt) of the 5d series of the periodic table. Considerable induced magnetic moments of about 0.2 mu(B)/atom were probed for the nonmagnetic W and Ir and compared to previous data for the Pt induced moments in multilayers. W was found to couple(More)
X-ray absorption by matter has long been described by the famous Beer-Lambert law. Here, we show how this fundamental law needs to be modified for high-intensity coherent x-ray pulses, now available at x-ray free electron lasers, due to the onset of stimulated elastic forward scattering. We present an analytical expression for the modified(More)
We introduce a noniterative image-reconstruction technique for coherent diffractive imaging. Through the application of differential and integral operators, an extended reference can be used to recover the complex-valued transmissivity of an object, in closed form, from a measurement of its far-field (Fraunhofer) diffraction intensity. We demonstrate the(More)
We show the ability to determine the relative phase between the object and a reference scatterer by tuning the overall intensity and phase of the reference wave. The proposed reference-guided phase retrieval algorithm uses the relative phase as a constraint to iteratively reconstruct the object and the reference simultaneously, and thus does not require(More)
The methodology of multiple-wavelength anomalous diffraction, widely used for macromolecular structure determination, is extended to the imaging of nonperiodic nanostructures. We demonstrate the solution of the phase problem by a combination of two resonantly recorded coherent scattering patterns at the carbon K edge (285 eV). Our approach merges iterative(More)
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