Andreas Schadschneider

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In the so-called `microscopica models of vehicular tra$c, attention is paid explicitly to each individual vehicle each of which is represented by a `particlea; the nature of the `interactionsa among these particles is determined by the way the vehicles in#uence each others' movement. Therefore, vehicular tra$c, modeled as a system of interacting `particlesa(More)
We present simulations of evacuation processes using a recently introduced cellular automaton model for pedestrian dynamics. This model applies a bionics approach to describe the interaction between the pedestrians using ideas from chemotaxis. Here we study a rather simple situation, namely the evacuation from a large room with one or two doors. It is shown(More)
We study the impact of global traffic light control strategies in a recently proposed cellular automaton model for vehicular traffic in city networks. The model combines basic ideas of the Biham-Middleton-Levine model for city traffic and the Nagel-Schreckenberg model for highway traffic. The city network has a simple square lattice geometry. All streets(More)
We investigate the role of conflicts in pedestrian traffic, i.e., situations where two or more people try to enter the same space. Therefore a recently introduced cellular automaton model for pedestrian dynamics is extended by a friction parameter mu. This parameter controls the probability that the movement of all particles involved in a conflict is denied(More)
The investigation of tra c ow problems has a long tradition and various methods and approaches have been applied. In this review we focus on statistical mechanics and nonequilibrium aspects. It is shown that many properties of tra c ow can be modelled successfully by using rather simple cellular automaton models. Analytical methods for the investigation of(More)
Traffic-like collective movements are observed at almost all levels of biological systems. Molecular motor proteins like, for example, kinesin and dynein, which are the vehicles of almost all intracellular transport in eukayotic cells, sometimes encounter traffic jam that manifests as a disease of the organism. Similarly, traffic jam of collagenase MMP-1,(More)