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BACKGROUND Esophageal anastomotic leaks can lead to prolonged hospitalization. In this article we present our experience with the placement of the Polyflex self-expanding plastic stent (Willy Ruesch GMBH, Kernen, Germany) for leak occlusion. METHODS Between April 2000 and November 2003, 24 patients were included into this prospective study and underwent(More)
A group of 100 patients with intermittent claudication (70 male, 30 female), treated with I00 mg ASA per day, were followed over 18 months after elective percutaneous balloon angioplasty. Platelet function was monitored over a period of 12 months by corrected whole blood aggregometry (CWBA). Upon stimulation by arachidonic acid (AA), adenosine diphosphate(More)
Pump test procedures using blood will have to meet several standards not only to obtain reliable results in vitro but also to allow comparison of results of different investigators. This article reviews some of the issues that should be considered in pump testing, especially referring to the discussions held at the International Workshops on Rotary Blood(More)
BACKGROUND Surgical treatment of pulmonary resection for metastatic disease has been proven a valuable therapeutic concept for a variety of neoplasms. Concerning breast cancer, at least 25% of patients develop distant metastases. In spite of increasingly sophisticated palliative therapies, the survival of these patients did not appear significantly(More)
Platelet count has been reported to have predictive value in various cancer entities. In the case of breast cancer, evidence about involvement of platelets is still incomplete. Our objective was to assess the influence of pretreatment thrombocytosis on survival and establish its prognostic relevance for breast cancer patients. We performed a retrospective,(More)
Sepsis and related syndromes account for a high morbidity and mortality caused by the development of multiorgan failure. Pathogenesis of sepsis is complex, involving humoral as well as cellular factors. Since the role of platelets is still undefined in this concern, we investigated CD63, CD62P, CD36, and CD31 expression on platelets of patients in septic(More)
PURPOSE The incidence of human papillomavirus detection in the anal canal is rising. Efficient anal screening by cytology is hampered because of poor specificity. Human papillomavirus (HPV) testing is proposed in addition to Papanicolaou (Pap) testing for the detection of cervical neoplasia. The purpose of this study was to determine the usefulness of a(More)
BACKGROUND To evaluate the role of apical lung wedge resection in patients with recurrent primary spontaneous pneumothorax with no endoscopic abnormalities at surgery as compared with simple apical pleurectomy. METHODS We performed a retrospective analysis on 126 consecutive video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery (VATS) procedures in 113 patients treated(More)
Previous studies have shown that differing qualities of blood specimen seem to influence whole blood electrical aggregometry (WBEA), making it difficult to standardize the method. The aim of this study was to investigate the impact of hematocrit (HCT) and platelet count (PLC) on in vitro platelet aggregation in citrated whole blood (CWB) in order to(More)
Patients that undergo organ transplantation have a high risk of developing various malignancies, depending on the duration and magnitude of immunosuppressive therapy. Among others, a 10-fold increased relative risk has been reported for the development of anal cancer. There is a strong association between persistent infection with high-risk mucosal types of(More)