Andreas Rosén

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The purpose of this study was to test the hypothesis that a heat-and-moisture-retaining mask would result in a significant decrease in respiratory water loss among healthy subjects sleeping in a cold environment. The study was done in a backyard near a tertiary-care center during winter nights with ambient temperatures of less than 0 degrees C. Subjects(More)
We study certain generalized Cauchy integral formulas for gradients of solutions to second order divergence form elliptic systems, which appeared in recent work by P. Auscher and A. Rosén. These are constructed through functional calculus and are in general beyond the scope of singular integrals. More precisely, we establish such Cauchy formulas for(More)
We prove that the Atiyah-Singer Dirac operator / Dg in L 2 depends Riesz continuously on L∞ perturbations of complete metrics g on a smooth manifold. The Lipschitz bound for the map g → / Dg(1 + / D 2 g) − 12 depends on bounds on Ricci curvature and its first derivatives as well as a lower bound on injectivity radius. Our proof uses harmonic analysis(More)
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