Andreas Roodt

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BACKGROUND Calcium supplementation during pregnancy may prevent high blood pressure and preterm labour. OBJECTIVE To assess the effects of calcium supplementation during pregnancy on hypertensive disorders of pregnancy and related maternal and child adverse outcomes. DESIGN A systematic review of randomised trials that compared supplementation with at(More)
BACKGROUND Atrial fibrillation is associated with higher mortality. Identification of causes of death and contemporary risk factors for all-cause mortality may guide interventions. METHODS AND RESULTS In the Rivaroxaban Once Daily Oral Direct Factor Xa Inhibition Compared with Vitamin K Antagonism for Prevention of Stroke and Embolism Trial in Atrial(More)
A range of complexes with general formula [MO(X)(CN)(4)](n)()(-) of W(IV), Mo(IV), Re(V), Tc(V), and Os(VI) were prepared and characterized by (13)C, (15)N, (17)O, and (99)Tc NMR, utilizing (13)C- and (15)N-enriched cyano complexes. A correlation between M-O and M-CN bond strength from X-ray crystallographic data and |(1)J((183)W-(13)C)| coupling is(More)
Reaction of silver(I) salts with three equivalents of tri-p-tolylphosphine in CH(3)CN resulted in a series of isomorphous complexes [AgX{P(4-MeC(6)H(4))(3)}(3)] (X = Br, SCN, ClO(4)). These complexes all crystallize in the orthorhombic space group Pna2(1). The complexes with X = Br, SCN are distorted tetrahedral around the silver(I) atom, whereas the(More)
In the title compound, (C(8)H(20)N)[ReBr(2)(C(7)H(9)N)(CO)(3)], the Re(I) atom is octa-hedrally surrounded by three carbonyl ligands orientated in a facial arrangement, two bromide ligands and an o-toluidine ligand. The amine lies trans to the carbonyl ligand and is substitutionally disordered over two positions in a 0.66 (1):0.34 (1) ratio. An array of(More)
The crystal structure of the title compound, trans-[PtI(2)(C(6)H(12)N(3)P)(2)], describes one of the few platinum(II) complexes containing two of the water-soluble 1,3,5-triaza-7-phosphaadamantane ligands reported to date. The complex crystallizes on an inversion centre with the most important bond lengths and angles being Pt-P 2.3128 (12) A, Pt-I 2.6022(More)
In the title compound, C(27)H(25)NP(2), the diphenyl-phosphino groups are staggered relative to the PNP backbone. The dihedral angles between the phenyl rings bonded to each P atom are 51.74 (5) and 68.23 (4)°. The coordination around the N atom deviates from trigonal-pyrimidal geometry towards an almost planar arrangement between the N atom and the(More)
Complex equilibria in methanol/chloroform/dichloromethane solutions containing Zeise's anion, [PtCl(3)(C(2)H(4))](-) (1), the solvento species, trans-[PtCl(2)(C(2)H(4))(MeOH)] (2), and the dinuclear complex, trans-[PtCl(2)(C(2)H(4))](2) (3), have been studied by UV-vis, (1)H, and (195)Pt NMR spectroscopy, giving average values of K(Cl) = (1.6 +/- 0.2)10(3)(More)
The asymmetric unit of the title tetra-nuclear niobium(V) compound, [Nb(4)(C(2)H(5)O)(8)(C(5)H(7)O(2))(4)O(4)], contains two Nb(V) atoms, two bridging O atoms, two acetyl-acetonate and four ethano-late ligands. Each Nb(V) atom is six-coordinated by the bridging O atoms, two ethano-late and one chelating acetyl-acetonate ligands. The Nb-O distances vary(More)