Andreas Riffnaller-Schiefer

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In this paper we present a software architecture for the integration of a RESTful web service interface in OpenSG applications. The proposed architecture can be integrated into any OpenSG application with minimal changes to the sources. Extending a scene graph application with a web service interface offers many new possibilities. Without much effort it is(More)
Wepresent a discretisation of Kirchhoff–Love thin shells based on a subdivision algorithm that generalises NURBS to arbitrary topology. The isogeometric framework combines the advantages of both subdivision and NURBS, enabling higher degree analysis on watertight meshes of arbitrary geometry, including conic sections. Because multiple knots are supported,(More)
Product development consists of two stages: geometrical modeling to define the product’s shape, followed by mechanical simulation to verify the design specification and ensure the product’s structural integrity. New demands on product design cannot be met using this traditional approach to product development where these two stages remain(More)
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